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Sunday, 22 September 2013


About 60 percent of Burundi's people are Christians. The religion was introduced into the country during the European colonial period.

Under the name Burundi (former Ruanda-Urundi), the country gained independence from the Kingdom of Belgium on July 1, 1962.

The Republic of Burundi is a tiny landlocked nation of 8.5 million people about the size of Belgium. The major part of its territory is covered by mountains, lakes, tropical jungles (about the 30% of the land) and rivers.

Burundi's runner Venuste Niyongabo led his country to earn an Olympian title in the 5000 meters at the 1996 Augusta Olympics. It was Burundi's first ever gold medal, as prior to 1996, Burundi had not competed in the Summer Games due to ethnic conflicts and coups d'etat.

Coffee contributes more income to the country's economy -- like neighboring Rwanda-- than any other single economic activity.

The Hutu make up the nation's largest ethnic group (80%), followed by Tutsis (14%) and Twa (1%).


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