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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Business Card

It is thought that the first cards appeared in China roughly around the 15th century. These cards were used by aristocrats as a method of announcing an impending visit to someone.

The first cards in Europe were seen in 17th century France in the reign of Louis XIV.

The first business cards followed shortly after wards in London. They served to advertise specific services offered by a business. The card would normally have a map on it to help direct those who picked up the card to their store.

The gangster Al Capone’s business card described him as a used furniture dealer.

In Korea, you must present a business card with both arms outstretched.

In China it is considered rude to write on another’s business card.

In Japan, when someone gives you a business card, it is rude to put it in your pocket.

There's a very specific protocol for handing out business cards in Japan. You should make sure your business cards are translated into Japanese on one side. Use both hands to pass them out with the Japanese side facing up, and accept others’ cards with both hands.

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