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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Malted Milk

William Horlick (b February 23, 1846) emigrated from the English village of Ruardean to the US in 1869 and was later joined by his brother James (b April 30, 1844), a pharmacist who had been apprenticed to a baby-food company in England. The brothers came up with a product called Diastoid - a nutritional supplement for children made from wheat flour and malted barley, which was then mixed with milk and water.

It was an instant success and by the early 1880s they had developed and patented a method for mixing the malted barley and wheat with whole milk and turning it into a powder by evaporation.
In 1887 the Horlicks brothers' drink was trademarked as "malted milk."

By Duncan Verrall from Innerleithen, United Kingdom -  Wikipedia Commons

James Horlick returned to England to import his American-made product back home and was eventually made a baronet. The “malted milk” drink is known in England as Horlicks.

Malted milk became a standard offering at soda fountains, and found greater popularity when mixed with ice cream in a "malt".

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