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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Boris Becker

Boris Becker was born on November 22, 1967 in Leimen, Germany, the only son of Elvira and Karl-Heinz Becker. 

Boris Becker’s father Karl-Heinz, an architect, designed the tennis center where Becker and Steffi Graf played against each other as children.

Boris Becker became the first unseeded player to win the Wimbledon's men's singles title in 1985.

Becker is also the youngest men's Wimbledon champ in history (at age 17 years, 7 months).

The German tennis star went on to win 49 singles titles. 

Becker in 1994

Becker left his £200,000 for winning Wimbledon in 1989 in his tracksuit bottoms - only for his mother to wash them, destroying the check. He had to go back and ask for another one.

He famously fathered a child with a waitress in the broom cupboard of a London restaurant while his wife was pregnant with their second child. 

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