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Monday, 20 August 2012


Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) was a mathematician who is chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage's early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. She is often regarded as the first computer programmer. Lovelace tried to raise funds by devising a fool-proof system of betting on the horses. However, she once lost £3,200 betting on the wrong horse at the Epsom Derby..

President Calvin Coolidge, was so famous for saying so little that a White House dinner guest made a bet that she could get him to say more than two words. She told the president of her wager. His reply: "You lose."

While drinking at his London club, Squire Fuller bet a friend that he could see seven church spires from his country house. On his return home, however, he realized there were only six. Undaunted, he had a seventh spire built on a nearby hill.

Mark Twain: "There are two times in a man's life when he shouldn't bet. When he can't afford it and when he can."

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