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Monday, 20 August 2012

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 18, 1926, the fourth child in a family of six. His father, Henry, was a contractor and deacon of a nearby Baptist church, his mother Martha a certified public school principal. 

He gave his first public performance in 1941 while still at Sumner High School. 

Berry has a degree in cosmetology from the Gibbs Beauty College.

Chuck Berry served three jail terms: Carjacking in the 1940s, transporting a 14-year-old girlacross state lines in the late 50s and tax evasion in the 70s.

"Johnny B Goode" was chosen as part of a sample of Earth music carried on the Voyager space probes in 1977. It was  part of a package that was meant to represent the best in American culture.

Though Berry wrote many rock and roll classics, the novelty song, "My Ding A Ling" was Berry's biggest selling song and only #1 hit.

Publicity photo of Chuck Berry. 1971

Berry was very mathematical, and came up with his own way of notating music using numbers instead of letters.

Chuck Berry aspired to be a professional photographer and only performed music to buy photography equipment.

Chuck Berry owned a warehouse full of old Cadillacs, one from every three or four model-years, all the way back to the mid-fifties. He claimed he was trying to get rid of them, but said that nobody will give him a fair price, so he just stores them away. 

Chuck Berry was found dead at his house in St. Charles County, Missouri on March 18, 2017. He was aged 90.

Berry's funeral was held on April 9, 2017, at The Pageant, in the rock 'n' roll legend's hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

Source Artistfacts

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