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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Clara Bow

Clara Bow was born on July 29, 1905 in a run-down tenement in old Brooklyn, to a schizophrenic mother and a chronically destitute, physically abusive father.

Her last name "Bow" was short for her actual last name "Bowtinelli".

As a child, Clara was a tomboy and played games in the streets with the boys; since her clothes were so ragged and dirty other girl children wouldn't play with her.

Her best friend Johnny burned to death in her arms when she was 10 years old. Years later, she could make herself cry at will on a movie set by listening to the lullaby "Rock-A-Bye Baby". She claimed it reminded her of her small friend.

She arrived in Hollywood in 1923, by way of winning a Beauty Contest while she was still in high school.

Young Gary Cooper had a crush on Clara Bow.

From 1927 to 1930 she was one of the top five Hollywood box-office attractions.

Scanned and cropped publicity shot from lost Clara Bow movie Rough House Rosie 1927

She was called ‘Jazz Baby’ and the ‘It Girl’ after her portrayal of a glamorous flapper in the silent film It (1927).

Despite her films' successes, Clara opted to live humbly in a bungalow instead of a mansion.

She failed in the talkies mostly because of her thick Brooklyn accent.

Clara  married cowboy actor and rancher, Rex Bell, in Las Vegas. They lived in Nevada where Rex Bell eventually became lieutenant governor.

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