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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Henry VIII was a great darts player, (his darts were larger than our 21 gram ones). Erasmus reckoned he was the best darts thrower he had ever seen.

Whilst sailing across the ocean on their ship The Mayflower, the Pilgrim Fathers occupied themselves by playing darts.

The modern game of darts is credited to a Lancashire carpenter Brian Gamlin (1852-1903) who devised the present- day board and scoring system.

1.010 players entered UK's first Individual Darts Championships, organised by the National Darts Association in 1927-28. By 1938, the field had grown to 280,000.

Dartboards are made out of horse hairs.

There are several different dartboards in use, each with slight local variations. The London board is the most common with 20 segments, while, for example, the East End board has only 12.

The average speed with which a dart hits a dartboard in competition play is 40 mph.

Source Daily Mail

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