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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Food Related Deaths

From the dawn of man there have been many food-related deaths. The early Palaeolithic peoples had to quickly learn to be excellent botanists lest they mistook a poisonous root for a nutritious one. Their botanical knowledge was handed down from one generation to the next:

54 The Roman emperor Claudius was poisoned with amanita mushrooms by his wife Agrippina, after her son, Nero, was name as his heir.

1135 King Henry I of England died from indigestion caused by eating moray eel.

1159 Pope Adrian IV the only English pope, choked to death when he accidentally swallowed a fly.

1216.In England, King John died of an intestinal illness at an East Anglian abbey having hastened his death by eating an excess of peaches and drinking too much cider.

Russian Czar Alexander I, Roman Emperor Claudius, French King Charles V and Pope Clement VII are just four of several historical figures who died after eating the wrong type of mushroom fungus.

Source Food For Thought by Ed Pearce

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