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Monday, 5 October 2015


Tilting was an early name for jousting where two knights charge at each other on horseback. The phrase "at full tilt:," meaning at top speed, comes from this.

In 1510 the then 18-years-old Henry VIII of England, appeared incognito in the lists at Richmond, and was applauded for his jousting before he revealed his identity.

Henry VIII was almost killed in a joust with the Duke of Suffolk, because he refused to put his visor down. Another time he was unseated in a joust and lay unconscious for two hours after his horse had rolled over him.

After Nostradamus predicted the death in a jousting accident of King Henry II of France, he was summoned to Paris in 1556, where he became an intimate occult friend to Queen Catherine de' Medici.

Three years later, on June 30, 1559 Nostradamus was safely ensconced back in his Salon study when Henry II suffered a terrible head wound whilst jousting against Gabriel Montgomery of the Garde Écossaise. The French king died three weeks later, thus fulfilling the prophecy.

The fatal tournament between Henry II and Montgomery (Lord of Lorges).

The official state sport of Maryland is jousting.

Source Europress Encyclopedia

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