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Thursday, 8 December 2016


Paints consist of a pigment suspended in a vehicle, which dries and hardens to form an adhesive film.

By Neep at the English language Wikipedia, 

Paint brushes were used as early as 2,500,000 years ago in the cave paintings of Altamira in Spain and Périgord in France.

The Ancient Egyptians mixed their colors with a gummy substance, and applied them separately from each other without any blending or mixture. They appear to have used six colors: white, black, blue, green, red and yellow, and green.

The Greeks and Romans added a greater range of colors to their paints and varnishes and began applying paints to house exteriors, decorations, wall paintings and ships. Most of their paints used egg yolk and  water as a base and the pigment was made from plants, sand, and different soils.

It is believed that oil paint was used in Europe in the later Middle Ages at first for decorating shields, because oil paint lasted better than the traditional water-based paint when it was in the weather, or if it was roughly treated. By the 16th century, oil paint had become the principal medium used for creating artworks.

Admiral Nelson ordered his ships to be painted yellow and black to distinguish them from the enemy.

John Goffe Rand patented a collapsible tube for oil paints on September 11, 1841. The tin tube allowed unused oil paint to be stored and used later without drying out.

"Mummy brown"was a once-popular paint pigment made from ground-up Egyptian mummies. It was produced well into the 20th century, and only disappeared when the manufacturers ran out of mummies.

The first ever U.S. trademark was given in 1870 to the Averill Chemical Paint Company of New York City.

Japan's first patent was issued to the inventor of a rust-proof paint in 1885.

In the United States, the first documented use of a painted center line was in 1911 along Trenton's River Road in Wayne County, Michigan.

The first white road lines in the UK were painted on the London-Folkestone road at Ashford, Kent, in 1914.

Spitfires were occasionally painted pink to blend in with the sunset and sunrise when used for low-level reconnaissance flights.

Before becoming Elvis's notorious manager, Colonel Tom Parker used to paint sparrows yellow and sell them as canaries.

The Hobbit crew used up all of the gold paint in Australasia for creating Smaug's lair. They used up so much paint that they had to actually pick more up from Germany.

The paint on the Eiffel Tower weighs as much as ten elephants.

The paint used on the Sydney Harbor Bridge drys so fast that, should a drop fall, it would dry before reaching the vehicles underneath.

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