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Monday, 13 February 2017


Antoinette de Correvont was the first professional woman photographer. In 1843 she opened a Daguerreotype studio in Munich.

Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll the author of Alice In Wonderland, also gained an additional measure of fame as an amateur photographer. Most of his camera portraits were of children in various costumes and poses, including nude studies; he also did portraits of adults, including the actress Ellen Terry and the poets Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

The Rossetti Family by Charles Dodgson

Dodgson completely mastered the medium, set up his own studio at the top of Oxford University's Tom Quad, and created around 3,000 images. Less than 1000 have survived time and deliberate destruction. He spent several hours each day creating a diary detailing the circumstances surrounding the making of each photograph, but this register was later destroyed. Apparently because his posing of little girls was criticized, he abandoned photography in 1880.

Photographer Robert Capa was the only photographer or journalist to land on Normandy with the first wave of troops. He took 106 pictures. Due to a later lab accident, only 11 survived.

Sir Cecil Beaton (1904- 80) was a celebrated English society photographer, who took the official Coronation Day pictures of the Queen. In his diaries, he could be scathing of his subjects: he said Marilyn Monroe was "like an over-excited child asked downstairs after tea" and Mick Jagger looked "like a self-conscious suburban young lady".

Chuck Berry originally only performed music to buy photography equipment to support his aspirations of becoming a professional photographer.

The British shout "Say cheese!" when taking a photo, but in Spain, the phrase is "Diga treinta y tres", which means "Say 33"

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