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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Prisoner of war camp

The earliest known purposely built prisoner-of-war camp was established at Norman Cross, England in 1797. The prison held around 5,500 French sailors and soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars. Norman Cross was intended to be a model depot providing the most humane treatment of prisoners of war.

The Auschwitz concentration camp was first constructed in German-occupied Poland to hold Polish political prisoners. They began to arrive in May 1940.

The main gate at Auschwitz . By Michel Zacharz AKA Grippenn[

The first female prisoners arrived at Auschwitz concentration camp on March 26, 1942.

The Nazis produced a propaganda film inside the Theresienstadt concentration camp to falsely show the International Red Cross and the Vatican that the inmates were being treated humanely, the camp was 'beautified' and wholesome activities were staged. Shortly after the Nazis finished shooting the film, most of the cast members were "evacuated" to Auschwitz, where they were gassed upon arrival.

Witold Pilecki was a member of Polish resistance who volunteered to be imprisoned in the Auschwitz death camp to gather intelligence in 1940. He escaped three years later and was the author of Witold's Report, the first comprehensive Allied intelligence report on Auschwitz and the Holocaust.

A Slovakian Jew, Rudolf Vrba and a fellow prisoner, Alfred Wetzler succeeded in escaping from Auschwitz on April 7, 1944; their report was one of the earliest and most detailed descriptions of the mass killings in the camp.

Despite overseeing the construction of the crematoria and gas chambers at Auschwitz, what specifically shocked SS-Obersturmf├╝hrer Robert Mulka at the camp was his colleagues' dress sense.

More than $194 million was generated for the Nazi state by slave labor at Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

Russian soldiers liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland on January 27, 1945.

Young survivors at the camp, liberated by the Red Army in January 1945

Star Trek star George Takei spent three years in a Japanese internment camp as a child during World War II. His father told him they were on a vacation.

Possibly the biggest prison breakout in history occurred in 1944 when 545 Japanese Prisoners of War attempted to escape outside the town of Cowra, New South Wales, Australia during World War II.

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