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Monday, 3 July 2017


The ancient Greeks attributed the origin of raspberries to the nymph Ida. When she was picking berries for the young Jupiter she pricked her finger and so raspberries, which had been white until then, turned red.

In the US Martin Van Buren, while campaigning for a second term of presidency, was said by his opponents to "wallow in raspberries", a shocking extravagance.

The first cookbook with a raspberry popover recipe was Practical Cooking in 1876.

Popovers earn their name by their characteristic popping over the edge of the pan as they bake.

National Raspberry Popover Day is observed annually on May 3rd.

The raspberry is a member of the rose family, which also includes apples, peaches, pears and plums.

The raspberry fruit that are sold in stores come from plants that are hybrids between two species, Rubus idaeus, European red raspberry, and Rubus strigosus, American red raspberry.

Raspberries can be hard to distinguish from red colored blackberries. One sure way to tell them apart is that when the blackberry is picked it comes away from the plant it leaves its core behind; when a red blackberry is picked it leaves its core intact.

The bumps on raspberries are called "drupelets."

Source Food For Thought by Ed Pearce

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