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Friday, 28 July 2017


In a German village called Fuggerei, the rent hasn't been raised since 1520—it costs just 88 euro cents to live there for an entire year.

Charles Boycott (March 12, 1832 – June 19, 1897) was a former soldier who worked as a land agent for Lord Erne (John Crichton, 3rd Earl Erne), a landowner in the Lough Mask area of County May, Ireland. The Norfolk-born soldier’s surname gave the world the word ‘boycott’ when he refused to cut tenants’ rents and they stopped serving him in their shops and pubs.

Caricature of Charles Boycott by Spy (Leslie Ward).

Some Dutch Jews faced fines after World War II  for not having paid rent on their homes while they were incarcerated in concentration camps. The issue came to light in 2013 when a student published archive documents in which Jews who had survived the camps were billed for arrears on properties belonging to the city of Amsterdam.

London still pays the Queen a rent of 61 nails, six horseshoes, an axe and a knife for two pieces of land — a forge and some moorland — in the Ceremony of Quit Rents held each October at the Royal Courts of Justice. The quaint ritual dates back eight centuries, with the objects handed to the Queen’s Remembrancer, the oldest judicial position in England.

Source Daily Mail

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