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Sunday, 3 February 2013


Bonn's beginning dates between 13 - 9 BC when Romans began building roads, bridges, and fortresses at a location known as "Bonna."

Bonn is probably best known as Beethoven's birth place despite the composer's vehement disgust towards his hometown. Beethoven spent some time in Vienna hoping to study with Mozart, but after his mother's death he was forced to return to Bonn for five years to raise his two younger brothers since his alcoholic father was unable to. In 1792 Beethoven returned to Vienna and never came back to Bonn.

Composer Robert Schumann and his wife, pianist Clara Schumann, lived in Bonn; and Karl Marx and Heinrich Heine studied in Bonn's university.

Bonn was made capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. But in 1991, after the reunification of Germany, Berlin again became the official capital.

Bonn has excellent tap water, due to the fact that when the Romans conquered, they had the water piped in from the Eifel mountains about 50 miles away.

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