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Friday, 6 November 2015

King's touch

The King's Touch was a form of laying on of hands, whereby English and French monarchs would touch their subjects with the intent to cure them of various diseases and condition. The claimed power arose from the concept of the monarch as anointed by God.

The ceremony was done to the music of massed choirs and in one session six people afflicted by this tubercular swelling of the glands were trampled to death in the rush to be cured by the King.

During his reign King Charles II of England touched 92,107 sufferers from scrofula, each of whom believed the King's touch would cure them.

A man called Evans had an ugly growth on his nose and believing the king's touch would cure him, he went up to King Charles when he was walking through St James's Park, kissed the king's hand and rubbed his nose with it. The king was not impressed but Evans was said to have been cured.

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