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Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Founder Ferrucio Lamborghini (April 28, 1916 – February 20, 1993) began by making tractors out of parts from American and British military circles after the Second World War before turning to sports cars. He founded Lamborghini because he wanted to build a good touring car to compete against the cars of such makers as Ferrari.

Ferruccio Lamborghini. Wikipedia Commons
In 1963 Lamborghini started with the production of their first car for sale, the 350 GT. A two-door coupé with two seats, it had a V12 engine in the front of the car. It made its world debut on October 30, 1963 at the Turin Auto Show and was made until 1967.

The marque's raging bull logo was inspired by Lamborghini's love of bullfighting and his star sign, Torres, with many models taking their name from bullfighting terms.

The Miura was the third car made by Lamborghini. It also had a V12 engine, but the engine was in the middle of the car, which was a new idea in its time. It was also one of the fastest cars of its time, with a top speed of 183 mph.

Frank Sinatra owned an orange Lamborghini Miura in the 60s and famously said : "You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody."

Lamborghini's Venero Roadster convertible is one of the world's most expensive cars at £3 4 million ($5.5 million) . Only nine were made in only three of the hardtop version. It has a top speed of 220 mph and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

The Gallardo was first seen at the 2003 Geneva Motorshow. An entry-level model for Lamborghini, it had a V10 engine and was discontinued in 2013. The Gallardo wasn't a car suited for trips to the shops – it only did 16 miles to the gallon.

Audi took over Lamborghini in 1998.

In Christopher Nolan’s film Batman, Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murcielago. In Spanish, Murcielago means, “bat.”

A neon-green £200,000 Lamborghini was issued with a taxi licence in Wolverhampton, England in 2016. West Midland Prestige Car Hire charges £349 for an hour and a half — its minimum hire period. Their first ever customer was boxer Floyd Mayweather who was picked up by their Rolls Royce Phantom on his way to an appearance in Staffordshire in February.

Source Daily Mail 

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