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Thursday, 17 December 2015


The Osborne 1 often stakes a claim as the first laptop. Released on April 3, 1981 by Osborne Computer Corporation, it weighed 10.7 kg (23.5 lb), cost $1,795, and ran the CP/M 2.2 operating system. However, it looked more like a sewing machine than today's sleek apparatuses.
Osborne 1 portable computer - early model. By Bilby - Wikipedia Commons

The Grid Compass 1100 was the first laptop to sport the now standard "clamshell" case and its lightweight build of 5kg (11kg) made it popular with NASA and US paratroopers. The computer was designed by British industrial designer Bill Moggridge in 1979, and first sold three years later.

The Gavilan SC, released in 1983, was the first computer described as a "laptop" by its manufacturer. The Gavian SC also included the first ever touchpad.

An average laptop has five grams of lithium, and a cell phone has about half a gram of lithium.

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