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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner on July 17, 1954 in Hamburg, Germany. She is the daughter of German Protestant theologian Horst Kasner (1926–2011) and Herlind Jentzsch, a teacher of English and Latin.

In the same year that Angela was born, her father received a pastorate at the Lutheran church in Quitzow (a quarter of Perleberg in Brandenburg, East Germany,) so she grew up in the German Democratic Republic.

Horst Kanser's left-wing principles had a profound effect on Angela and her two younger siblings.

Angela Kasner studied physics at the University of Leipzig from 1973 to 1978. She worked as a cocktail waitress in a disco to support herself:

In 1977, Angela Kasner married physics student Ulrich Merkel and took his surname. The marriage ended in divorce five years later.

Angela Merkel first met her second and current husband, chemistry professor Joachim Sauer, in 1981. They became a couple later and married privately on December 30, 1998.

Merkel has no children, but Sauer has two adult sons from a previous marriage.

She lived in East Germany until the Reuniting of Germany in 1990.

Merkel stood for election at the 1990 federal election, the first since reunification, and was elected to the Bundestag for the constituency of Stralsund – Nordvorpommern – Rügen,

MKerkel and German Christian Democratic politician Lothar de Maizière, 1990. By Bundesarchiv, Wikipedia Commons

Merkel became Germany's first female chancellor on November 22, 2005 in a coalition of the two biggest German political parties CDU/CSU and SPD.

Angela Merkel is afraid of dogs, Knowing this, Russian President Vladimir Putin brought his black Labrador to a meeting he had with her in 2007.

Merkel with Vladimir Putin, 2002

After the election 2009 Merkel formed a coalition with FDP. She again emerged as the winner in 2013 Federal Elections.

In 2009, a Barbie doll based on Angela Merkel was introduced for Barbie's 50th anniversary.

Merkel has a wardrobe of rainbow-colored suit jackets, which she teams up with flattering slim-line black trousers.

She said in an election booklet that she enjoys preparing traditional German cuisine. "I love cooking and my favourites are potato soup and roulade," she said. Her ‘roulade’ is a cut of rolled meat, stuffed with vegetables and pickles.

Angela Merkel is a fervent football fan and has been known to listen to games while in the Bundestag.

A keen cross-country skier Merkel fell over awkwardly and suffered a partial fracture of the pelvis in 2014. The German media blamed the accident on the German Chancellor's refusal to upgrade a pair of vintage skis she’d been using for over 20 years.

She is a Lutheran member of the Evangelical Church in Berlin, Brandenburg and Silesian Upper Lusatia, a United Protestant (i.e. both Reformed and Lutheran) church body under the umbrella of the Evangelical Church in Germany.

Merkel has been described as the de facto leader of the European Union. In both 20012 and 2015 she appeared in Forbes Magazine's List of The World's Most Powerful People as the world's second most powerful person, Merkel was also named the most powerful woman in the world for a record ninth time by the magazine in 2015.

Angela Merkel By Armin Linnartz, Wikipedia Commons

In December 2015, she was named as Time magazine's Person of the Year. Angela Merkel was just the fourth woman to be the sole winner of the honor.

'Frau Angela Merkel' (Mrs Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor) is an anagram of 'A Real German Fluke'.

Source Daily Mail

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