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Tuesday, 1 November 2016



The octopus is a cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda. There are about 300 octopod species, of which more than 100 are in the genus Octopus.

Octopods make up over one-third of the total number of living cephalopods. Other cephalopods include squid, and cuttlefish.

Common octopus By albert kok - ma photo, Wikipedia Commons
The standard pluralized form of "octopus" in the English language is "octopuses" although the Ancient Greek plural "octopodes" has also been used historically.


Octopuses are considered to be one of the most intelligent marine species. Their brain is the largest and most advanced of any invertebrate.

It is believed that an octopus's memory and learning capability can be compared in complexity to that of advanced vertebrates - Octopuses have been known to undo child proof tops on medicine bottles to get at food.

An octopus opening a container with a screw cap. By User:MatthiasKabel - Wikipedia

Octopuses are good mimics. Some imitate other dangerous animals like sea snakes and lionfish.


Octopuses have been seen eating their arms as a result of a neurplogical disease.

When an octopus' arm is severed, the arm will continue to search for food – Then it will try to feed the mouth it doesn't have.

They eat mostly crabs and some fish. Some species of octopuses eat other octopuses.

In his History Of Animals, Aristotle remarked that when the octopus comes into proximity with small fish, it might change its color to resemble surrounding stones and that it reacts in a similar way when alarmed.

The southern sand octopus shoot jets of water into the sand below it, creating a pit of quicksand to escape from predators.

Amphioctopus marginatus travels with shells it has collected for protection. By Nick Hobgood 

All octopuses are venomous. To kill their prey they drill through the prey's shell and inject their venom into their body using their beak.

Although all octopuses are venomous, only the blue-ringed octopus is harmful to humans.

A female octopus can lay on average about 200,000 eggs, however, only a handful will survive to adulthood.


A baby octopus is about the size of a flea when it is born.

An Octopus consists of just a head and tentacles. Therefore his stomach, testicles etc are in his head.

The neurons in an octopus are not concentrated in the brain - two thirds of them are located in the tentacles meaning that each individual tentacle acts autonomously and independently of the brain. However, an octopus can exert precise control over a tentacle when need be through eyesight alone.

An octopus actually has six arms and two legs, not eight legs. They use their rearmost tentacles to push off from the surface of the sea bed before propelling themselves through the water with the other limbs.

Octopuses swim with their arms trailing behind. By albert kok - Wikipedia

Octopuses are the only animal that walk without any rhythm or pattern at all, just random movements that propel it forward.

An octopus is able to squeeze through a hole the size of a dime.

An octopus has three hearts. Two hearts are used to pump blood to each of the octopus' lungs and the third pumps blood throughout the body.

Octopus skin can change color 177 times an hour.


Heavyweight boxer Tony 'Two Ton' Galento accepted a bet and fought an octopus with boxing gloves on its tentacles on August 5, 1946. The match was declared a draw.

Octopus wrestling, a sport which involved diving into shallow water and fighting an octopus back to the surface, was most popular on the West Coast of the United States during the 1960s. The 1963 record was a 57-pounder.

The annual World Octopus Wrestling Championships was held in Puget Sound, Washington. The event was televised and attracted up to 5,000 spectators in the 1960s.


According to Hawaiian mythology, the octopus is the only surviving member of a previous version of Earth.

In Japan you can get octopus flavored ice cream.

Source The Independent

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