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Friday, 11 November 2016


Napoleon Bonaparte was travelling across southern France with his army, when they stopped for the night near the town of Bessières. A local innkeeper made Napoleon an omelette. Napoleon was so impressed by the cooking he ordered the townspeople to collect all the eggs in the village and to prepare a giant omelette for his troops the very next day.

The Guinness World Record for the most flips of an omelette in one minute is 103, achieved by Mohamad Shahabaz Khan in Mumbai in 2011.

The Guinness World Record for omelette making is held by Howard Helmer, who made 427 omelettes in 30 minutes.

Chefs used 145,000 eggs to make the world’s largest omelette, cooked in the town of Ferreira do Zezere in Portugal on August 11, 2012. Using 880 lb of oil, 220 lb of butter and a pan 10 metres in diameter, the dish took six hours to cook — with 150 chefs using gigantic flat scrapers to keep the mix moving.

All the chickens' eggs produced in the world each year would make an omelette the size of Northern Ireland.

An omelette made from one ostrich egg will feed about eight hungry people.

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