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Friday, 5 February 2016


There are about 6,000 lizard species found all over the world except for the continent of Antarctica where it is too cold for them to survive.

The term "dinosaur" was coined in 1842 by the English paleontologist Richard Owen, and derives from Greek δεινός (deinos) "terrible, powerful, wondrous" plus "lizard".

By the 1300s it was common for European women to condition their hair and scalp with dead lizards boiled in olive oil.

Muppets creator Jim Henson first created Kermit in 1955 - as a lizard. He was made from Henson's mother's coat and two halves of a Ping-Pong ball (no flipper feet or eleven-point collar).

The largest lizard species, the Komodo dragon, reaches 11 feet (3.3 m) in length and weighs up to 265 lb (166 kg).

Komodo dragons on Rinca.

Some Lizards can self-amputate their tails. They wiggle and move on the ground to distract predators.

These Lizards can regrow their tails but the new tail is never quite as good as the original.

Not all lizards have legs. The glass lizard, which is found in southeastern North America has no legs, but unlike snakes, it has moveable eyelids.

Lizards can’t breathe and walk at the same time.

In Fresno, California it is against the law to annoy a lizard in a city park.

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