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Friday, 26 February 2016


On a trip to Spain during the Civil War in the 1930s, Forrest Mars Sr.  son of the founder of the Mars Company Frank C. Mars, encountered soldiers who were eating pellets of chocolate that were encased in a hard sugary coating to prevent them from melting. Inspired by this idea, Mr. Mars went back to his kitchen and came up with the recipe for M&M's.

Mars received a patent for his own manufacturing process on March 3, 1941. At first they were sold exclusively to the military as an easy way to provide the troops with chocolate on the battlefield without it melting so easily. After the war, many troops were hooked on the candy and in 1946, M&M's became available for civilians.

M&M's were first sold to the public packaged in cardboard tubes. In 1948, the packaging was changed to the brown plastic pouch we know today.

M&M's chocolate stands for the initials for its inventors Mars and Bruce Murrie, son of Hershey Chocolate's president William F. R. Murrie, who had a 20 percent share in the product.

Peanut M&M's were introduced in 1954. Its creator was allergic to peanuts.

By Source, Fair use, Wikipedia Commons

To burn off one plain M&M candy, you need to walk the full length of a football field.

Americans consume over 100 million M&M's every day.

Source Food For Thought by Ed Pearce 

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