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Friday, 6 January 2017


The world's first patent was granted in 1421 to architect Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence to make a barge crane to transport marble.

The Venetian Patent Statute, issued by the Senate of Venice in 1474, was one of the world's earliest known laws to grant and protect patents. These were mostly in the field of glass making.

The Venetian Patent Statute, issued by the Senate of Venice in 1474,

As Venetians emigrated, they sought similar patent protection. This resulted in such privileged grants to inventors spreading from Italy to other European countries over the next two centuries.

The first English patent, in 1618, was not for an invention at all but for the right to engrave maps of London and other cities.

In 1639 Amye Everard became the first Englishwoman to be granted a patent. It was for her "tincture of saffron and essence of roses."

The first U.S. patent was issued to Samuel Hopkins on July 31, 1790 for an improvement "in the making of Pot ash and Pearl ash by a new Apparatus and Process". The patent was signed by then President George Washington.

U.S. patent X1

Mary Lies was the first woman to be issued a US patent. She was granted on May 5, 1809 a patent for the rights to a technique for weaving straw with silk and thread to make bonnets.

During the War of 1812, Superintendent Dr. William Thornton convinced members of the British expeditionary force to spare the US Patent Office standing while they burned the rest of Washington D.C. He argued that knowledge benefits the entire world.

The first 10,280 patents issued between 1790 and 1836 were destroyed by a fire on December 15 1836; fewer than 3,000 of those have been recovered and re-issued with numbers that include an "X".

John Ruggles received the first U.S. patent following the Patent Office fire or locomotive wheels.

The Patent Office, c. 1855. By Cliff - Flickr: The Patent Office, Wikipedia

Abraham Lincoln received a patent for his invention of a flotation device for the movement of boats in shallow water on May 22, 1849. The idea was never commercialized, but Lincoln is the only American president to hold a patent.

Japan's first patent was issued to the inventor of a rust-proof paint on 14 August 1885.

In 1899, Charles H. Duell, commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office called for the abolition of his office. His reason being, "Everything that can be invented has been invented."

Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil received a patent for their "Secret Communications System" on August 11, 1942. An early technique of frequency-hopping spread spectrum, it later became the basis for many forms of today's wireless communication systems.

Copy of U.S. patent for "Secret Communication System"

Thomas Edison accumulated 2,332 patents worldwide for his inventions.

King Hussein of Jordan registered a patent for a heart monitor in 1969. This is the only patent known to have been registered by a reigning monarch.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty, an international law treaty, was signed on June 19, 1970. It provided a unified procedure for filing patent applications to protect inventions.

The musical fly swatter was patented in the US in 1994. It played one tune when turned on and another when it hit something.

US patent number 5528943, issued in 1996, was for a pregnant female crash test dummy.

Source Daily Express

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