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Thursday, 30 March 2017


Dr Thomas Midgley was the man responsible for adding lead to fuel and for the creation of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) used in refrigerators. He is credited for doing more damage to the atmosphere than any other living organism ever.

Indoor pollution is 10 times more toxic than outdoor pollution.

Lake Karachay is a lake in Russia that was used as a radioactive waste dump, and has been described as the most polluted place on Earth. Standing on the shore for an hour would give you a lethal dose of radiation.

The men of the heavily polluted Russian city of Dzerzhinsk have a life expectancy of just 42 years.

China's factories dump 60,000,000 tons of waste into the ocean every day — 90% of China's water is polluted.

One container ship cruising along the coast of China emits as much diesel pollution as 500,000 new trucks in a single day.

In 2009, the largest 15 container ships emitted as much greenhouse gases as 760 million cars--or about two cars for every American.

One gallon of used motor oil can ruin approximately one million gallons of fresh water.

The five worst cities in the U.S. for air pollution are all in California.

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