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Sunday, 16 December 2012


Legend has it that when listening to the sounds made by a blacksmith striking his anvil, Pythagoras was led to a perception of the relationship between arithmetic ratios and harmonic intervals in music.

Viking blacksmiths would often add bones from ancestors or animals like bears to their iron ore to add carbon content, and to imbue the weapon with mystical properties.

The medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri once smashed up the workshop of a blacksmith whom he heard singing his poems as he worked, but muddling up the words.

The world’s first pedal bicycle was made by a Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan (d 1878) of Keir Mill, Dumfriesshire in 1839. His novel design for the first time enabled cyclists to ride with both their feet continuously off the ground. The popular bicycle of the time, the Hobby Horse, only provided momentum through the swinging of the riders feet back and forth.

Coal forges in a blacksmith's workshop reach temperatures of roughly 1,600 C.

The opposite of a blacksmith is a whitesmith, a smith who works with lighter-colored metals, particularly tin.

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