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Sunday, 30 December 2012


BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works.

BMW used prisoners from concentration camps like Dachau to build their cars and plane engines during the second world war. By the end of the war, almost 50% of the 50,000-person workforce at BMW consisted of prisoners from concentration camps.

The BMW Headquarters is a landmark in Munich, Germany. The site has served as world headquarters for BMW since 1973. 

Designed by Karl Schwanzer, the exterior of the tower at BMW's HQ is supposed to mimic the shape of a cylinder in a car engine, with the circular museum representing the cylinder head.

BMW purchased Rolls-Royce in 1998 in a $570 million deal.

A New Zealand dealership ran an advertisement on April Fools Day 2015 that read "April Fool's Day Special - Come with any old car and receive a brand new BMW". One woman turned up with her old Nissan and got a brand new BMW with the number plate "NOF00L"

BMW recalled its GPS systems with female voices in Germany  because male drivers were not willing to take directions from a  female voice.

The engine on the BMW M5 is so quiet that the company plays fake engine noises through the speakers to “remind” drivers of their car’s performance.

Stunt driver Michele Pilia drove a BMW tilted on two wheels for 230 miles to break a Guinness World record. The feat took him almost 14 hours.

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