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Sunday, 13 April 2014


Cigar bands are said to have originated with Queen Catherine the Great of Russia, who used a silk band on her cigars to avoid having the smell of tobacco on her hands.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel smoked over 40 cigars a day.

After a report that President Ulysses S. Grant had puffed on a cigar while in a conflict, gifts of 10,000 fine cigars poured in for him. It was said he could smoke 20 cigars a day, trying to put away all those expensive ones given to him by admirers.

Sigmund Freud smoked 20 cigars a day. He continued to do after developing oral cancer until a heart attack forced him to give them up.

Winston Churchill had an oxygen mask made for him for flying in high altitude airplanes during World War II that was customized to allow him to smoke cigars through a hole in the mask.

In the early days of alleged flying saucer sightings, they were  known as “flying cigars”.

John F Kennedy had his press secretary, Pierre Salinger, purchase 1200 Cuban cigars before signing the documents that made the embargo against Cuba official.

Roger Moore's James Bond contract stipulated he would receive an unlimited supply of Montecristo cigars during filming.

The world’s longest cigar was made by Jose Castelar Cairo in 2011. The 268 ft long cigar is on display in La Triada tobacco shop in Havana, Cuba. To keep it within in the building, it is curved around its display case.

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