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Sunday, 27 April 2014



There are four cities that claim that title of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. They are:
Byblos, Lebanon Founded around 5000 BC.
Damascus, Syria; first founded in 2300 BC.
Jericho, Palestine; the city was established and abandoned many times prior to its final establishment when it has been continuously occupied since 2600 BC.
Varanasi Present day India founded around 2000 BC.

The first city in Europe is thought to have been Solnitsata, in Bulgaria. Solnitsata had a salt mine, providing the area now known as the Balkans with salt since 5400 BC. Even the name Solnisata means "salt works".

Greco-Roman cities were terribly overpopulated. Antioch, for example, had a population density of about 117 inhabitants per acre—more than three times that of New York City today.

In the 10th century AD there wasn't a single city in Europe that had a population of more than 400,000.

When Pedro Menéndez de Avilés sighted land near St. Augustine, Florida on August 28, 1565, he landed and founded St. Augustine, Florida.. It was the first successful Spanish settlement in La Florida and the most significant city in the region for nearly three centuries. St. Augustine is the oldest continuously-inhabited, European-established settlement in the continental United States.

View of St. Augustine from the top of Anastasia Island's lighthouse By Ebyabe 

In 1642 Georgeana, Massachusetts (now known as York, Maine), became the first incorporated city in the United States.

In 1900 one tenth of the world’s population lived in cities. Now half of the world’s population do.


The southern most city in the United States is Na'alehu, Hawaii.

The largest city square-miles wise in the 48 contiguous United States is surprisingly Jacksonville, Florida. At 758 square miles, it covers a bigger area than such cities as Houston and Los Angeles.

The largest city in the world – based on surface area, is Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia (China) which is 263 953 km sq (102 000 sq mi).

In 1980, Shenzhen in China had a population of 30,000. By 2017, that had sexcentupled to nearly 20,000,000. It is believed to be the fastest growing city in human history.

La Rinconada, a city in the Peruvian Andes lies at a height of  16,732.28 feet. above sea level. It is the highest elevation human habitation in the world.

The largest city in the world inaccessible by road is Iquitos, Peru, with a population of over 400,000 people in the Amazon rain forest.

Jacksonville, North Carolina is the youngest city in the United States with an average age of 22.8 years old. Its young population can be attributed to the large military presence.

Austin, Texas is the most populous city in the U.S. without a pro sports team.

According to a 2016 study, Fort Wayne, Indiana, has the lowest cost of living of any U.S. city.

Yakutsk, Russia, is probably the coldest city on earth. The average January temperature is -40C.

The world’s ten coldest cities are all in Russia.

Boring, Oregon, Dull, Scotland, and Bland, Australia are sister cities.

Names of US cities, which are also the names of states include Nevada in Missouri, Oregon in Wisconsin, Kansas in Oklahoma, Wyoming in Ohio, Michigan in North Dakota, Delaware in Arkansas, and Indiana in Pennsylvania.

Here is a list of songs with names of cities in their title.

Source Christianity Today

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