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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Crane (bird)

Crane was a popular dish with the Romans and a common ingredient of medieval game pies.

A crane appeared on the menu for King Henry III of England’s feast at York in 1251.

The early American settlers called the pink small berries that the native Indians were fond of "crane berry" because the cranberry plant's tiny stem and pink blossoms resembled the neck, head, and beak of a crane.

In the UK, a 1533 Act of Parliament made taking cranes’ eggs punishable by a fine.

Migratory species of crane travel up to 10,000 miles and can fly at heights of up to 32,000 feet, a record among birds.

The collective term for cranes is a siege.

In the late spring, groups of cranes perform dancing displays.

Source Daily Mail 

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