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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Instead of trousers, medieval men often wore long hosen or stockings, on their legs. In the British Isles, where Celts and Saxons had long worn pants called braies or braccae, these hosen were first popularized by the Norman invaders of 1066.

Hosen were typically made of scarlach, a high quality, finely-combed wool fabric and lined with linen. Linings helped stabilize a garment's shape and size, but they were probably also to protect the legs from wool's itchiness.

They were hand sewn, often made by hosen makers called chaussers.

Scarlach initially only referred to the costly fabric used in making hosen. Due to the popularity of red as a hosen color, it came to mean the color and eventually became our "scarlet".

Source Daily Mail

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