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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Hershey Company

After trying unsuccessfully to manufacture candy in New York, Mr Milton Hershey (1857-1945) returned to his home state of Pennsylvania in 1886, He founded there the Lancaster Caramel Company, whose use of fresh milk in caramels quickly became an outstanding success.

Hershey became fascinated with German chocolate-making machinery on exhibit at the 1893 Chicago International Exposition. He bought the equipment for his Lancaster, Philadelphia plant and soon began producing his own chocolate coatings for caramels. The following year the Hershey Chocolate Company was created as a subsidiary of his Lancaster caramel business.

In 1900 Hershey sold his caramel company for $1,000,000, and began to concentrate on chocolate manufacturing.

That same year, the Hershey Chocolate Company introduced the first Hershey milk chocolate bar. It was priced cheap enough to make his chocolate bar an everyday item.

Milton Hershey kept his employees working during the Great Depression by having them construct buildings in Hershey, Pennsylvania including a school, arena and hotel. When a steam shovel was brought in for construction, Hershey told his foreman to get rid of the shovel and hire 40 men instead.

The author Scott Fitzgerald died on December 21, 1940 of a heart attack listening to Beethoven's Eroica Symphony whilst eating a chocolate Hershey bar in his girlfriend, Sheilah Graham's, Hollywood apartment

During World War II, the majority of chocolate issued to military personnel was produced by the Hershey Company. Their military chocolate was very different from normal bars. Since its intended use was as an emergency food source, it was formulated so that it would not be a tempting treat that troops might consume before they needed it.

Mars were originally asked for their M&M's product to be included in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. After Mars refused, Hershey was asked instead and agreed. Reese's Pieces were added to the movie, resulting in the product's sales going up as much as 300%.

The largest individual chocolate was a chocolate Hershey’s Kiss weighing 30,540 lbs (13,852.71 kg). The chocolate was made to celebrate Hershey's Kisses 100th anniversary and was unveiled at Chocolate World, Hershey, Pennsylvania on July 7, 2007.

In 2015, Hershey announced that they had acquired Krave Jerky, marking the company's first foray outside of the confectionery market.

Hershey's Kisses are called that because the machine that makes them looks like it's kissing the conveyor belt.

A Hershey's kiss contains 26 calories, which takes about four minutes of kissing to burn off.

The paper flag that sticks out the top of a Hershey’s Kiss wrapper is referred to as a "NigglyWiggly."

Hershey's makes one million miles of Twizzlers every year— enough to circle the globe 40 times.

The main road in Hershey, Pennsylvania (where Hershey's candy bars are made) is Chocolate Avenue. 

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