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Friday, 24 July 2015

William Hoover

William Henry “Boss” Hoover (1849-1932) was an industrialist; born near North Canton, Ohio, who ran a leather goods manufacturing business. He was married to Susan Troxel Hoover (1846-1925).

In 1907, Susan Hoover's cousin, James Murray Spangler, a janitor in a Canton, Ohio department store, deduced that the carpet sweeper he used was the source of his cough. He tinkered with an old fan motor and attached it to a soap box stapled to a broom handle. Using a pillow case as a dust collector on the contraption, Spangler invented a portable electric vacuum cleaner.

Spangler gave one of his Electric Suction Sweepers to his cousin Susan Hoover, who used it at home. Impressed with the machine, she told her husband about it. Seeing a marketing opportunity, Hoover bought the patent from Spangler in 1908, founding the Electric Suction Sweeper Company with $36,000 capital, retaining Spangler as production supervisor with pay based on royalties in the new business.

Since Hoover vacuums were not well-known yet they offered a 10-day free trial of his electric suction sweeper. At the end of 1908, the company was able to sell 372 units of the models.

After Spangler's death in 1915, the company name was changed to the Hoover Suction Sweeper Company.

In 1919, Hoover's advertising agency came up with a slogan which summed up the Hoover's cleaning action: 'It it it Cleans' Hoover marketed his "vacuum cleaner" around the world, making his name virtually synonymous with the device. Eventually there was a Hoover vacuum cleaner in nearly every home.

William Hoover was a Sunday school teacher for 50 years. 

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