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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Javelin throw

The javelin was first contested at the eighteenth Olympiad in 708 BC. There were two events, one for distance and one for accuracy and both were part of the pentathlon.

Ancient Olympic javelin throwers would wrap a leather throng around the javelin that would act as a kind of sling, applying spin to the javelin to aid distance.

In the spring of AD 37, Emperor Tiberius took part in a ceremonial game that required him to throw a javelin. He wrenched his shoulder, took to his bed and lapsed into a coma. He died soon afterwards.

Country star Garth Brooks went to Oklahoma State University on a javelin throwing scholarship.

After the 2016 Rio Olympics, of the 72 Olympic medals that have been awarded in the men's javelin, 32 have gone to competitors from Norway, Sweden or Finland.

Kenyan javelin thrower Julius Yego, who won Olympic silver at Rio, learned how to throw properly by watching YouTube videos.

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