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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Louis Chevrolet and ousted General Motors founder William C. Durant started the Chevrolet Motor Car Company on November 3, 1911.

By the mid-1910s, Louis Chevrolet had shifted into the racing car industry, partnering with Howard E. Blood of Allegan, Michigan, to create the Cornelian racing car,

Chevrolet died on June 6, 1941 bankrupt working as a mechanic for the company he started.

Durant used the Chevrolet Motor Car Company to acquire a controlling stake in General Motors with a reverse merger occurring on May 2, 1918, which propelled him back to the GM presidency.

The "bowtie" emblem, introduced in 1913.
GMC commercial grade trucks were rebranded as Chevrolet in 1919, and used the same chassis of Chevrolet passenger cars and building light-duty trucks.

The Chevrolet brand to become the volume leader in the General Motors family, selling mainstream vehicles to compete with Henry Ford's Model T in 1919 and overtaking Ford as the best-selling car in the United States by 1929.

The first car commercial on television was for Chevrolet. It aired on June 9, 1946.  The ad was the start of the car company's sponsorship of a series of variety shows that aired in four cities on the DuMont network.

The first Corvette rolled off the Chevrolet assembly line in Flint, Michigan. on June 30, 1953. That early 'Vette' sold for $3,250.

1954 Corvette Convertible

The Chevrolet Camaro was introduced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors on September 29, 1966 as a competitor to the Ford Mustang. The car was discontinued in 2002, but returned as a 2010 model car.

1968  Chevrolet Camaro 

Camaro is a French slang term for "friend" or "companion."

General Motors was baffled that its Chevy Nova was not selling in Latin America in the 1970s, until somebody pointed out that ‘Nova’ means ‘it doesn't go’ in Spanish.

Chevrolet's use of Bob Seger's "Like a Rock" to sell trucks was planned to last 3 to 6 months. It proved so powerful the campaign ran for 13 years between 1991 and 2004.

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