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Sunday, 20 July 2014


In 1842 Charles Darwin has formulated the first accurate basic explanation of the origin of coral reefs in his The Structure & Distribution of Coral Reefs.

Coral reefs make up only 1% of the ocean floor, but are home to 25% of all ocean life.

Coral reefs support the most species per unit area of any of the planet’s ecosystems, rivaling rain forests.

Coral Reefs are the largest living structures on Earth — with some visible even from space.

Reefs such as The Great Barrier Reefs are called “barriers” when they run parallel to the coastline, in a way that they protect the shallow waters from the open sea.

The Black Sea Rod Coral contains large quantities of a lipid, prostaglandin A, which deters predatory fish from feeding on it by making them vomit.

14,000 tons of sunscreen are discharged into coral reefs each year, and a drop of it contains enough oxybenzone to disrupt coral growth.

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