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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Corn used to be a bitter fruit 19mm short – human manipulation changed it to the size and taste we are used to today.

Christopher Nolan grew an actual corn field for the movie Insterstellar, and actually turned a profit on it

An ear of corn averages 800 kernels in 16 rows.

A pound of corn consists of about 1,300 kernels.

The corncob (ear) is actually part of the corn plant's flower.

An ear of corn almost always has an even number of rows (twelve, fourteen, or sixteen).

Contrary to popular belief, you do actually break down and absorb the nutrients in corn—you just don't digest the kernels.

About 70 per cent of Canadian corn is grown in Ontario.

40% of corn is used for ethanol to add to fuel; another 40% is used for livestock feed.

Corn has an incredibly long shelf life. Archaeologists have been able to pop 1,000-year-old popcorn.

The Indian word maiz means "sacred mother" or "giver over life". Some ancient tribes believed that corn is afraid to be cooked so a woman must warm it first with her breath.

Farmers grow corn on every continent except Antarctica.

6,726 boxes of cornflakes are produced from one acre of harvested corn.

Popcorn is the only type of corn that will pop.


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