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Saturday, 25 October 2014


The word “discotheque” is an adaptation of “bibliotheque” meaning "a library."  It originally was meant to convey the idea of a "record library" but evolved to mean "a place for dancing to records".

The first discothèque the Scotch Club, opened on October 19, 1959 in Aachen, Germany. The first song played by DJ Heinrich was the chart hit "Ein Schiff wird kommen" by Lale Andersen.

Whiskey-a-Go-Go opened on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on January 16, 1964. The nightclub gave birth to a new pop culture phenomenon when titsfemale disc jockey, who was suspended in a cage above the dancefloor, began dancing to the records she was spinning between sets. Bright lights and mini-skirted dancers in cages became the club's prominent features. Numerous acts, including the Doors, would get their start here.

The world’s largest disco was held at the Buffalo Centre, New York in 1979 when 13,000 people danced into the Guinness Book of Records

Source Dictionary of Phrase & Fable by Nigel Rees

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