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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Hollywood, California on November 11, 1974. Leonardo's name derives from his legal secretary German-born mother Irmalin's having experienced a sudden kick from her unborn boy while standing in front of a da Vinci painting in Italy.

His father, George DiCaprio, is an underground comic artist and producer and distributor of comic books.

Leonardo DiCaprio lived in Germany for a short time as a child and speaks fluent German.

DiCaprio's career began with his appearance in several commercials and educational films.  He was removed from the set of children's television series Romper Room for being disruptive at the age of five.

As a boy, Leo took part in a game show where contestants had to perform stunts: he had to catch fish in a small pool with his teeth.

DiCaprio's agent advised that 10-year-old actor that he would have more success with an American sounding name; Lenny Williams.

Leonardo DiCaprio and the actor Tobey Maguire have been real-life friends since childhood.

Di Caprio missed out on playing David Hasselhoff's son in Baywatch as a youngster after the Hoff vetoed it

His debut film role was in the comedic sci-fi horror film Critters 3, in which he played the stepson of an evil landlord, a role that DiCaprio described as "your average, no-depth, standard kid with blond hair." Released in 1991, the movie went direct-to-video.

Leonardo DiCaprio's first Academy Award nomination came when he was 19 for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

DiCaprio's first screen kiss was with English actor David Thewlis, his co-star in the 1995 film Total Eclipse about French poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud.

DiCaprio wanted to play Christian in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! but didn't get the part due to his terrible singing voice.

Leonardo DiCaprio improvised the line "I'm the king of the world!" in the film Titanic.

In 2005, DiCaprio's face was severely injured when model Aretha Wilson hit him over the head with a broken bottle at a Hollywood party. After pleading guilty in 2010, Wilson was sentenced to prison for two years.

In November 2010, DiCaprio donated $1 million to the Wildlife Conservation Society at Russia's tiger summit. DiCaprio's persistence in reaching the event after encountering two plane delays caused then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to describe him as a "muzhik" or "real man.”

DiCaprio starred as villainous Calvin Candie in Quentin Tarantino's 2012 spaghetti western, Django Unchained. It was the first time in 16 years that DiCaprio didn't get the top billing.

DiCaprio at the London premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street. By Christopher William Adach Wikipedia

He won the 2016 Academy Award for Best Actor for The Revenant. It was DiCaprio's sixth nomination and first Oscar.

Leonardo Di Caprio is the highest grossing actor never to have acted in a sequel.

In Taiwan, people refer to Leonardo DiCaprio as "Pikachu" after a news anchor couldn't pronounce his name.

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