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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Drinking and Driving

The first drunk driving incident happened in 2000 BC. when an Egyptian crashed a vestal virgin of the Egyptian goddess Hathor while he was intoxicated.

When George Smith drove his taxi into a building in London's Bond Street on September 10, 1897 he became history’s first convicted drunk driver. PC Russell was the first policeman to give evidence in a prosecution of a motorist for drunken driving Smith claimed he’d had only two or three beers but was fined 25 shillings.

New York became the first jurisdiction in the United States to adopt laws against drunk driving in 1910.

Britain’s first breath test was administered to a motorist stopped on the A370 in Flax Bourton, Somerset in 1964. What we now call the breathalyser was then called the drunkometer.

The Drunkometer was a suitcase-sized contraption where the person being tested had to blow into a balloon.

George W Bush was arrested in 1976 for driving under the influence of alcohol, in Kennebunkport, Marine. He pleaded guilty and had his driver's license suspended for 30 days.

Drink-driving is not illegal in Indonesia.

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