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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ear Trumpet

A Carmelite monk Père Sebastian Jean Truchet invented the ear trumpet in the 17th century. His pioneering model was basically a long horn with a large pointed opening at one end.

By the 18th century collapsible conical ear trumpets were being made by instrument makers on a one-off basis for specific clients. Well known models of the period included the Reynolds Trumpet (specially built for painter Joshua Reynolds)

Reynolds  had to resort to using an ear trumpet after catching a cold whilst in Rome, which brought on his deafness. He'd been studying the frescoes in a draughty corridor of the Vatican.

The first firm to begin commercial production of the ear trumpet was established by Frederick C. Rein in London in 1800.

F. C. Rein and Son of London ended its ear trumpet manufacturing activity in 1963, as the last (and first) company of its kind.

Source Wikipedia

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