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Sunday, 16 November 2014


The idea of using a bald eagle to symbolize America was proposed in 1782 when a drawing of the bird was presented to Congress. It was immediately accepted and five years later, the eagle was officially adopted as the emblem of the US.

Benjamin Franklin wrote to his daughter to tell her that he was unhappy that the bald eagle had been chosen as the national bird of the United States. The American constitution signee said that he wanted the turkey rather than the eagle to be the United States national symbol. He considered the eagle to be "a bird of bad moral character as it lives by shaping and robbing."

An eagle named Goldie created a national sensation  when he escaped from London Zoo for two weeks. He caused huge traffic jams around Regent's Park as thousands of people come to see him swooping from tree to tree.

Irish airline Aer Lingus flew an exhausted bald eagle back to the US on December 22, 1987 after storms blew it across the Atlantic Ocean. Irish premier Charles Haughey gave it a send-off.

The Harpy Eagle, Panama's national bird, is the biggest and most powerful of the eagles found in the Americas.

Male Harpy Eagle, shot at Parque das Aves, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. By - Wikipedia Commons

An adult golden eagle's claw has nine times the grip of an adult human male's hand.

When a bald eagle loses a feather, it will automatically shed the same feather on it’s other side to maintain balance.

When eagles swim, they do the breaststroke.

The Crowned Eagle is the only known bird to be confirmed as having viewing humans as prey.

An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it.

The sea eagle, Britain's largest bird of prey, was hunted to extinction in the UK with the last bird shot on Shetland in 1916. They were reintroduced to Scotland in the 1970s.

The Philippine eagle has an 8 ft wing span making it the largest eagle in the world. It also known as the monkey-eating eagle, as it has been known to kill and carry off prey as large as deer and monkeys.

The word 'bald' in 'bald eagle' has nothing to do with the definition as a lack of hair. Rather, the term  comes from the Old English word 'piebald' meaning "white." It is in reference to their white heads and tail feathers in contrast to the darker color of the rest of their bodies.

Bald Eagles (see below) are so named because "balde" is an Old English word meaning "white."

Female bald eagles are 25 percent larger than males.

Eagles normally build their nests, called eyries, in tall trees or on high cliffs.

Bald eagles build the largest tree nests of any bird.

The collective noun for eagles is a convocation.

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