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Sunday, 23 November 2014


Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine patented the the age of 15. He grew frustrated at trying to protect his ears from the bitter cold while testing a new pair of ice skates and made two ear-shaped loops from wire. Greenwood then asked his grandmother to sew fur on them.

Greenwood patented an improved earmuff with a steel band which held them in place. In the patent document No.188,292,  the invention is described as “Improvement in Ear-Mufflers”.

Having patented Greenwood’s Champion Ear Protectors, he established Greenwood’s Ear Protector Factory, which by 1883 was making 50,000 pairs a year.
Earmuffs’ as one word was first used in 1889

By the time of Chester Greenwood's death in 1937, he had over 100 patents including a folding bed, a tea kettle, a steel tooth rake, an advertising matchbox, and a mousetrap that used fake cheese.

Every year, on the first Saturday of December, the town of Farmington celebrates "Chester Greenwood Day" with a variety of activities. A parade in Greenwood's honor is a part of the festivities. Everyone participating in the parade must wear earmuffs.

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