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Sunday, 16 November 2014


The 18 inches tall Rutland dwarf, Jeffery Hudson was served up in a pie to entertain Charles I. The English king was so taken with this that he took him into service in court where he entertained the Queen.

An eighteenth-century German dwarf named Matthew Birchinger,was  known as "the little man of Nuremberg'" He played four musical instruments including the bagpipes, was an expert calligrapher, and was the most famous stage magician of his day. Yet Birchinger had no hands, legs, or thighs, and was less than 29 inches tall.

Charles Sherwood Stratton, better known by his stage name "General Tom Thumb", was a little person who achieved great fame as a performer under circus pioneer P.T. Barnum. Stratton married his fellow dwarf Lavinia Warren on February 10, 1863. Their wedding took place at New York City's Grace Episcopal Church and the wedding reception was held at the Metropolitan Hotel. The couple stood atop a grand piano at the reception to greet some 10,000 guests. The best man at the wedding was George Washington Morrison ("Commodore") Nutt, another little person performer in Barnum's employ.

Charles Sherwood Stratton and Lavinia Warren wedding photo.

The Miami suburb of Sweetwater was founded by a troupe of traveling Russian circus dwarves who wanted to retire.

The dwarf George Nutt (April 1, 1848 – May 25, 1881) was touring New England with a circus when P. T. Barnum hired him to appear at the American Museum in New York City. Barnum gave Nutt the stage name Commodore Nutt, a wardrobe that included naval uniforms, and a miniature carriage in the shape of an English walnut. Nutt became one of the Museum's major attractions.

Commodore Nutt in uniform, ca. 1865

Adam Rainer (1899-1950) was just over 4 ft 0.25 in (122.55 cm) tall at the age of 21. He then started growing and was 7’8 by the time he died, the only man in history be classified as both a dwarf and a giant.

Walt Disney chose his names for Snow White’s seven dwarfs from a list of 47 including Burpy and Shifty.

In real life, the dwarves from J.R.R Tolkien's books would have Arabic or Hebrew accents, since he based their speech on Semitic languages.

The shortest man on record stood at just  54.6 cm (1 ft 9 1⁄2 in). Chandra Bahadur Dangi (November 30, 1939 – September 3, 2015) from Nepal, who died aged 75, was a primordial dwarf. He was shorter than five cans of Coke stacked on top of each other.

Shortest living Man in the world 2012 By Krish Dulal - Wikipedia Commons
The shortest woman to give birth is American Stacey Herald, who is 28.5in tall (2ft 4in). She has osteogenesis imperfecta, which stunts growth and causes brittle bones, but was still able to bear three children. Eldest daughter Kateri and youngest child, son Malachi, inherited her condition, but middle child Makya didn’t.

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