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Thursday, 9 April 2015


The six major breeds of domestic goat are descended from pasangs. The pasang was probably native to Persia or Central Asia.

Archaeological evidence suggests that goats were domesticated about 9,500 years ago.

The Egyptian Pharaoh Cephranes had 2,234 goats buried with him.

The goat is notorious for its lasciviousness in indulging in lewd copulations. This explains why the animal gave its horns to the image of the devil.

The Norse god Thor has a chariot pulled by two goats called Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder..

The world's most traveled goat died on April 28, 1772. She sailed round the world several times providing milk for the crews and even the Admiralty acknowledged her travels. Her first important journey was with Captain Wallis on the Dolphin, when it became the first ship to go twice around the world. Then she was loaded onto The Endeavour, commanded by Captain Cook.

The goat is the Navy mascot partly because sailors used to leave goats on remote islands to propagate and become a source of food for passing ships - a practice which caused long-standing environmental issues due to the introduction of an invasive species.

A goat called Sergeant Bill became a Canadian war hero during World War I when he head-butted three soldiers into a trench to avoid an exploding shell.

Mahatma Gandhi used to travel with his goat so that he could have fresh milk.

Mussolini imposed a tax on goats in Italy in January 1927.

50 cashmere goats from New Zealand had to be put into quarantine at Heathrow Airport in 1987 after eating their import documents.

In 1996, police in Brazil investigated allegations of a political assassination of a goat which was registered as a mayoral candidate in a small town.

A goat was arrested in Nigeria in 2009 after being taken to the police and accused of being an armed robber who used black magic to transform himself into a goat after trying to steal a car.

There are around 750 million goats in the world. China has most with nearly 160 million goats. India comes second with 123 million.

Goat is the world’s most-consumed meat, as its cultural caveats are few, as it can be kosher and halal as well. Almost 70 percent of the red meat eaten globally is goat..

Goats produce about two per cent of the world’s total annual milk supply.

A grazing goat has a remarkable 330° of vision thanks to the combination of eye placement and its rectangular pupils. This allows them to watch over their broad, flat grazing area for predators before it gets too late.

Goats learn how to solve complicated tasks quickly and can recall how to perform them for at least ten months.

Male goats urinate on each other in order to attract mates.

Goats can be scared off by the smell of tiger excrement.

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