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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Sixty-two degrees Fahrenheit is the minimum temperature required for a grasshopper to be able to hop.

Grasshoppers have ears on their stomach. They have membranes that vibrate in response to sound waves on each side of the first abdominal segment, tucked under the wings. This simple eardrum, called a tympana, allows the grasshopper to hear the songs.

Grasshoppers have white blood.

Grasshoppers throw up when they're in danger.

A pound of grasshoppers is almost as nutritious as a pound of beef.

Candied grasshoppers, known as inago, are a popular cocktail snack in Japan.

The long-horned Grasshopper is a delicacy in Uganda, where it was traditionally harvested by women in exchange for a new dress from their husbands.

Locusts are the swarming phase of certain species of short-horned grasshoppers. In the solitary phase these grasshoppers are innocuous and their numbers are low. However, under suitable conditions of drought followed by rapid vegetation growth, serotonin in their brains triggers a dramatic set of changes: they start to breed abundantly, becoming gregarious and nomadic when their populations become dense enough They do a lot of damage to the places where they pass, by eating the crops.

The artist Salvador Dalí was terrified of grasshoppers. As a schoolboy, he threw such violent fits of hysteria that his teacher forbade them to be mentioned in class.


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