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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


The greyhound was known to exist in ancient Egypt more than 5,000 years ago. The breed was well-respected and well-known throughout the ancient world and many other civilizations fostered the breeding of this dog.

Dogs are mentioned in the Bible 14 times, but the greyhound is the only breed that is mentioned by name.  It is mentioned in Proverbs 30: 29-31, as one of the four things that move with stately being. (Some versions translate the original Hebrew term 'zarzir motnaim' as 'strutting rooster.)

The greyhound was known before the ninth century in England, where it was bred by aristocrats to hunt such small game as foxes and hares and foxes.

England's King John treasured greyhounds so much that he gladly accepted them instead of money for the payment of fines or the renewal of grants.

Dr. John Caius' 1536 book Of Englishe Dogges: The Diuersities, the Names, the Natures, and the Properties, incorrectly suggested that the syllable "grey" had evolved from a word signifying "degree," as the greyhound breed was of "the highest degree." His time was the first ever to be written exclusively on the subject in England, though in Latin. It was translated into English forty years later.

Queen Elizabeth I abolished the law that only noblemen could hunt with greyhounds, Until then it had only been an upper class activity.

Peter the Great owned a small Italian Greyhound, who constantly followed the Russian Czar when he was at home. During Peter's afternoon nap, Lisette always slept at his feet.

Catherine the Great of Russia wrote to a German friend about her greyhound, Mr Thomas: 'He is madly in love with his wife and with his five children who resemble him like peas in a pod. That makes a whole pack of them, who run with me over all the gardens and then modestly return to their kennel where Papa follows-for them sacrificing kings' palaces, sofas, gold-upholstered armchairs and philoso-comical conversations."

In his later years Frederick the Great's palace resembled a vagrant's squat, ankle-deep in places in excrement provided by his pack of beloved Italian greyhounds.

Prince Albert had a beloved greyhound called Eos from whom he was inseparable . He acquired her as a puppy and brought their dog to England with him when he was six years old. The black greyhound is immortalized in the famous Landseer painting (see below), which Victoria commissioned as a birthday present for Albert. Eos lived to the age of 11, and her death plunged Albert into a period of mourning.

In 1957, the Greyhound Corporation chose a three-month-old greyhound puppy called Steverin to be the new face of the bus company. She was dubbed Lady Greyhound and wore a rhinestone collar and tiara.

The fastest dog, the greyhound, can accelerate to 45 mph within six strides.

Greyhounds have thin heads with widely spread eyes. This gives the dog 270 degree vision, meaning they can see some of the back of their head. In comparison, humans can only see 180 degrees.

They can see behind them and half a mile in front of them without turning their head.

Source Daily Mail

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