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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Greyhound racing

King Henry VIII organized a couple of greyhound dog races at Eltham Palace in 1532 and lost them both.

Modern dog racing was first tested in 1909 by a promoter named Owen Patrick Smith at a track in Tucson, Arizona. By 1912, he had perfected the mechanical rabbit.

By AngMoKio - Wikipedia Commons

Smith opened in 1919 the first professional dog-racing track with stands in Emeryville, California.

Modern dog racing was introduced into Britain on July 24, 1926. The first greyhound race took place at Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester in front of 1,700 spectators.

By Sasha Taylor - Wikipedia Commons

Greyhound racing has gained a greater following in Britain than in the United States. There were attendances at around 3.2 million at over 5,750 meetings in 2007.

Greyhounds can reach a speed of 43 mph in six strides.

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