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Monday, 11 May 2015


The first recorded reference to grouse dates back to 1531 when it was spelt “grows”.

There are 18 species of grouse, varying in size from one foot to three feet long.

                                                Greater Sage Grouse

In America the grouse is called 'prairie chicken'.

Kansas has more wild grouse than any other state.

Thanks to their feathered legs and toes and feathered nostrils, grouse are among the few animals that can survive in Arctic regions.

Male ruffed grouse announce their presence to hens by drumming with their wings

The willow ptarmigan is the only member of the grouse family that is not polygamous.

Male grouse indulge in an elaborate courtship dance, which has been mimicked in folk dances in places including North America and the Alps.

“Umbellus” refers to the umbrella-like ruff of feathers displayed by the male when courting.

Grouse are game, and hunters kill millions each year for food, sport, and other uses. In Britain this takes the form of driven grouse shooting.

Around 250,000 grouse are shot in Britain between August 12 and December 10 each year.

Source Daily Express

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